Exterior view of CLK DTM Interior viev of CLK DTM
Engine size 8-litre
Engine type W16
Bore / Stroke 86mm / 86.05mm
Compression ratio 9:1
Engine block Cast aluminium alloy
Cylinder head Cast aluminium alloy - Four valves per cylinder
Dimensions   Performance
Length 4462mm Max. Power 736KW @ 6000rpm
Width 1998mm Max. Torque 1250Nm @ 2200-5500rpm
Height 1159mm Maximum rpm 6200
Wheelbase 2710mm 0-100kph 2.5 seconds
    0-200kph 7.3 seconds
    0-300kph 16.7 seconds
    Max. Speed >400kph
Brakes Hight-perfoemance brake system with Carbon-ceramic brake disk
Transmission Fully automatic seven-gear direct-shift gearbox with double clutch (DSG)
Front axle Double wishbones
Rear axle Double wishbones
Steering Power Steering with steering shock absorber
Tyres Front: 265-680: Rear: 365-710
Production Date 2009
Price P.O.A. (Call or e-mail)